Western Sydney Catholic Chinese Community

Our community was established in 1/4/1990 by Fr. Paschal Chang. Our first Mandarin Mass was celebrated at Sacred Heart Church, Cabramatta. Only a few families attended the Masses in the beginning. Later, Fr. Anthony Huang OFM was involved in our pastoral work. With the help of Srs. Chang and Lin, our community doubled in size in a year. At present, we have more than three hundred members in our community with an increasing number of catechumens. In order to cater for the pastoral needs of both our community members as well as those of the catechumens, a pastoral and evangelical organisation was set up in 1991 and an executive committee was elected by the community members. The executive committee wrote our constitution and successfully registered our organisation as a body corporate. To expedite the spreading of the gospel and the pastoral work, the executive committee established a lot of community groups, namely, spirituality, religious instructions, liturgy, choir, youth, finance, secretary, masters of ceremonies, public relations etc. The aims of our organisation are:

  • to foster, educate and strengthen the spiritual life and faith of our members.
  • to promote multi-culturalism as well as friendship among different ethnic groups in Australia .
  • to promulgate Chinese culture and traditions.
  • to conduct evangelisation and pastoral work.
  • to provide services, promote and protect the social welfare of our members.

Currently, we are celebrating Mandarin Mass at St. Dominic's Church, Flemington every Sunday morning at 11:30am. We also provide lunch after Mass, which is a good opportunity to provide services to and to promote fellowship among our community members. As a result, our community is full of joy, unity and warmth. You can contact us by contacting Chan yuanchyi at